Business Immigration Applicants


Owners of small and medium size businesses. You can get a residence permit by establishing own company from zero or buy and become owner of a ready-made company in Finland.


Freelancers, individual entrepreneurs, and remote workers who can gain income from their individual entrepreneurship or remote work.


Buy real estate to rent in Finland. Basically you establish renting company which allow you to get a residence permit for the whole family.

Business Immigration

Citizenship of Finland

Starting-up a new business means you make investment in your own company. Establishing company from scratch so that it generates turnover, sufficient to pay taxes and salaries in Finland. This option is a nice choice if you have previous business experience.

After 4 years, you can apply for citizenship of Finland or after 5 years permanent residence. Our company experts help you to develop business plan, make all necessary registrations, legal processes and provide basic accounting services.

Buying ready-made company

Buying a ready-made company means purchasing established company in Finland. Best option if you don’t want to build infrastructure from scratch, and if you have little previous experience of business management. We help you to find right business to invest, carry out an audit.

Usually, purchased business is re-registered to your new company: the company assets, customer base, key employees, contracts, etc.

The most popular businesses to purchase are cafes and restaurant in Finland.

Real estate business model

The basis for the Finnish Residence Permit maybe your own Finnish company that rents out and manages commercial or private premises. It is possible, against the pledge of the purchased real estate, to receive a loan of up to 40% for non-residents and residents can get more. However, purchasing the real estate itself is not a basis for obtaining the Residence Permit in Finland.

General requirements

In order to legally stay in Finland one need to satisfy the below requirements:

You are a self-employed person and your form of business is limited liability company or private entrepreneurship;

Your business must be profitable. Your means of support must be secured by your income from your business;

Period of stay in Finland in accordance with aliens act;

Extension of residence permit in a timely manner.

Income Criteria

To extend Residence permit and apply for Permanent residence or Citizenship in future, your business has to be active and generate enough income to cover your wage and taxes. We take care of all included legal, tax and accounting aspects, supporting you all the way in every step.

This amount of salary, including the taxes should be payed to you every month to cover personal or family expenses:

For a Company Founder, one private person without a family – the net salary should be minimum 1300€ and approximately 300€ to pay the taxes (that makes 1600€ in total)