Finland Immigration as Entrepreneur

Apply with this application for a residence permit if you intend to come to Finland to become an entrepreneur. Before a permit can be issued, entrepreneurs usually need to enter their business in the Trade Register maintained by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office. Startup entrepreneurs must get a positive statement from Business Finland before they apply for a residence permit. A startup entrepreneur cannot get a residence permit without a positive statement from Business Finland. After 5 years of permanent residence you can apply for naturalization to Finnish citizenship.

You are an entrepreneur if you are:

  • a start-up entrepreneur

  • a private trader who has a so-called individually owned business (toiminimi)

  • a partner in a general partnership

  • a general partner in a limited partnership (not a silent partner)

  • a member of a cooperative who has an unlimited liability for refinancing. The unlimited obligation to contribute has to be registered in the trade register

  • a shareholder in a managerial position in a limited-liability company (managing director or member of the board of directors) or a person working in another type of company in a managerial position if you personally own at least 30% of the company’s share capital or personally have at least 30% of the number of votes produced by the company’s shares, or if you are a person in a managerial position in another type of company with similar authority in the company concerned.

  • You have to generate enough income on the company’s account to pay your wage and taxes.

  • We are taking care of all included legal, tax and accounting aspects, supporting you all the way in every step