About Finland Immigration

Every year the number of people willing to immigrate to Finland is growing rapidly. Finland is attractive to immigrants because of very high standards of living and social benefits.

Finland is also famous for the one of the best education systems in the world, excellent ecology and high quality of healthcare. Finland has consistently been at the top of the ranks of freedom of speech, democracy, and law. Finland is considered one of the most advanced countries in many areas of science and technology.

Moreover, Finland takes lead positions in widely known international rankings, such as World Economic Forum and Transparency International.

Residence permit is the basis for staying in the country

There are three types of residence permits in Finland:

  • Temporary

  • Extended

  • Permanent


Residence permit is called oleskelulupa. Type of residence permit has a letter: A for extended, B for temporary and P for permanent.

Residence permit status A is higher than Residence permit status B. Temporary residence permit is issued no more than a year, then you need to apply for extension. Extended residence permit is valid for a period of not more than four years, after that you can apply for permanent residence permit.


• The spouse/partner will have the right to join the adaptation program and will be receiving a monthly grant of EUR 700.

• Additional monthly EUR 200 bonus may be granted in case of learning the language.

• Every 1st child under 18 can receive EUR 94 per month, 2nd – EUR 105, 3rd – EUR 135, 4rd – EUR 154, 5th – EUR 174. .

• These sums usually fully compensate the residence permit running costs.

• Free Education

• Comprehensive Medical Coverage.


• From the day one you can sponsor your family to settle along with your family.

• Quick process and Citizenship.

• Finish passport is ranked the most strongest passports in the world, which allows you to travel to approximately 127countries without visa


Employment is the most demanded way of immigration to Finland. You can establish your own company or you can become a permanent employee in Finnish company. In this case, all depends on your previous experience, qualifications and language skills. Moreover there are certain requirements must be respected.


If you have valid residence permit in Finland you can apply for residence permit based on family ties for your child, spouse or registered partner. Moreover foreign citizen has to provide financial security for whole family, means you need to earn enough funds to cover family expenses.


Studying in Finland is one of the most popular and simple ways to move to Finland. While studying, you can find a job, which then gives the basis for obtaining an extended residence permit. Main disadvantage of tat immigration type is that it takes more time before you can apply for citizenship of Finland.

Applying for Citizenship or Permanent Residence Permit

Citizenship of Finland

After 4 years of continuous residence you can apply for Finnish citizenship.

You should meet the requirements for becoming a citizen, such as passing Finnish language exam, staying continuously in country and obeying the Finnish law. Check out advantages of getting passport of Finland.

Permanent residence permit

You can apply for Finnish permanent residence permit after for 4 years of continuous residence on status A. After 5 years you can get European residence permit, which allows to live everywhere in Schengen zone. There is no need to pass Finnish language test to get permanent residence permit.

About Finland Immigration

  • High standard of living and income

  • Free education for foreigners

  • Stable economic and political environment

  • Possibility to have dual citizenship

  • Legal and civil liberties

  • Located between East and West, fastest flight connections between Europe and Asia

  • Security, low crime

  • Positive attitude towards foreigners