Invest in Finnish Real Estate

If you are looking to invest in Finnish real estate, it is worth noting that the Finnish environment is steady in terms of operation, and rarely experiences turbulence. A member of the EU since 1995, Finland is the only Nordic country that has adopted the Euro and has a low corporate tax rate, at 20%. Consequently, numerous overseas businesses have set up long-term operations and enjoy high returns. Offering some of the best talents in the tech industry and a business culture inspired by Silicon Valley, Finland is an R&D hub and fertile ground for enterprises looking to develop their business, making investing in Finland, and especially Helsinki, an ideal choice for investment.

Finland is a sound choice for real estate investors

In 2016, The Fund for Peace (FFP) ranked Finland as the most stable country in the world for the second time based on the most significant political, social and economic indicators. Finland is an open, internationally minded industrialized economy with a flourishing service sector and some prime real estate. The country offers a vibrant business environment, one which makes setting up a business fast and convenient. Moreover, its well-developed infrastructure, up-to-date logistics and highly regarded communications networks make the country a superb choice for modern businesses, and a regional hotspot for investment. Finland provides an attractive location to access the burgeoning marketplaces of Northern Europe. Moreover, its well-educated population are renowned for their reliability and problem-solving ability.

The World Economic Forum’s The Europe 2020 Competitiveness Index highlights Finland’s status are the most competitive country in Europe. Moreover, a 2016 study by the European Commission places the upcoming nation as the most attractive EU country for Foreign Direct Investment.

As a significant example of its macroeconomic stability, Finland has been granted the maximum status possible with global credit rating agencies Fitch Ratings, Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s. The most recent report from Fitch states that Finland’s AAA status “is underpinned by sound public finances, a solid external position, high income per capita, demonstrable political and social stability and an impeccable debt service record”.

Finnish real estate is a sustainable investment opportunity

International companies find Finland a highly conducive environment to do business due, in large measure, to the equal access to grants and benefits the nation offers. The Finnish are extremely international in their outlook. English is a commonplace second language for its business community. Moreover, Finland’s lengthy history of Northern European trade, along with its historical and cultural ties, make it a perfect springboard for companies wishing to start a business in the area.

Finland’s citizens are known for their skills and trustworthiness; facets that stand any business operating there in good stead. Moreover, Finland has ranked at the top of international sustainable development indices numerous times, and is considered among the most progressive nations in terms of ethical development.

Place your money in an innovative country – Finland

Finland is renowned for its skilled and motivated workforce, ranking first in knowledge and innovation capacity. Moreover, Finland is highlighted as showing some of the highest levels of improvement in its cost competitiveness of any of the EU countries, a direct consequence of the increase in the relative wage competitiveness in combination with a reduction in corporate tax rates; the highest in Scandinavia and notably higher than Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

In the OECD’s better life index, Finland performs highly in a range of measures of wellbeing, including good living standards, a well-regarded education system and an unpolluted and sustainable environment. Moreover, its progressive and tolerant education system brings fairness to society as a whole and the equality between genders is among the highest on the planet. Overseas companies may utilize government investment incentives and can benefit from access to the most recent research developing from the widespread cooperation between Finnish universities and the private sector.

Given the country’s status as being among the most vibrant and unrestricted economies worldwide, and its attractive and competitively priced real estate, Finland is an excellent choice for overseas investors.