Resident Permit Support Services

Residence permit based on work

A residence permit for an employed person is connected with labour market testing: when the availability of labour force is assessed, the employer must establish whether there is available labour force in Finland or within the EU/EEA for the work in question within a reasonable time

The application is processed in two stages

The work permit unit of the Employment and Economic Development Office makes a partial decision on the application. The Employment and Economic Development Office will decide, among other things, whether you have sufficient means of support and whether the employment is temporary or continuous.

When the partial decision has been made, the Finnish Immigration Service will process the application and make its decision.

Residence permit based on family ties

A residence permit can be granted on the basis of family ties. The family member who lives in Finland or moves to Finland together with you, with whom you intend to lead a family life, is referred to as your sponsor. Before you can be granted a residence permit, your sponsor must have a residence permit in Finland or he or she must apply for a residence permit at the same time as you and be granted a residence permit.

Residence permit based on studies

if you are coming to Finland to study at a Finnish educational institution at which you have already been accepted as a student. If you are an EU national, you do not need to apply for a residence permit. You can travel to Finland and register your right of residence instead. The applicable educational institutions include universities and universities of applied sciences, vocational education institutions and, in the case of exchange students, any of the above and upper secondary schools.

Residence Permit Consultation Services

Mistakes to avoid

Immigration case evaluation

Check your documents, such as, employment contract to make sure if it complies with Finnish immigration law. Provide practical recommendations that increase your chances of obtaining residence permit positive decision.

Online application

Creating and submitting online application, replying to additional information requests from Finnish Immigration Service.

Precise answers

Highly qualified immigration advisors will answer on all immigration related questions of yours.